2014 End of Year Pizza Party – June 19 – 6:30 pm

The June 19th meeting promises to be a gathering to celebrate the past year with our traditional Pizza Party.  This is for MEMBER ONLY and significant others.  Terry Smith needs to know if you are coming and if you are bringing a guest.  All members may bring one guest.  If you bring more, there will be a $10.00 charge.  Please RSVP to Don Wiberg, before June 13th.

Spouses are being asked to bring a dessert, i.e., brownies, fruit bowl, cookies or something simple.  The meeting will start at 6:30 PM with a short meeting to take care of the election of officers. Pizza will arrive at 7:00 PM.

BillPackIn addition to the Pizza Party, we’re going to have an entertaining program by William Pack and his Ghost Stories.  William was the speaker we had last year who presented a most entertaining program about P.T. Barnum.

William’s ghost show is interactive performance of spine-tingling horror stories, true eerie history, and inexplicable supernatural occurrences. William simulates an authentic haunting experience, like one of those popular television ghost shows. and afterward you will be debating if what you saw was real or not. Imagine…the lights go out and you spend a chilling hour as your guests become part of the mysterious, the bizarre, and the haunted.

William creates an atmosphere of scare as theatrical special effects brings the stories to life, or, at least, undead. Non- stop audience participation creates a unique experience as the lights go out and your guests become part of the story. Everyone will be talking about their experience for years, that is, when they stop screaming and laughing.


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Time’s running out

You can no longer purchase banquet tickets online.  But you have until Monday morning April 7 to still get tickets.

Call out ticket chairman Ed Cook at 708-756-3169 and he’ll take care of you.

See you there!

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Awesome line-up at this year’s banquet

This year’s stage show will feature four great magicians including: Don Wiberg, Tony Dowell, Ardan James and Jamahl Keyes. All of the performers have many years of experience.
Don Wiberg, who is the show’s Master of Ceremonies, has been performing magic for more than 60 years. Wiberg has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1953 and served as the organization’s International President from 1984-1985.
Wiberg performed as Corny the Clown for the Corn King Meat Company and as the resident performer at Hillcrest Park, a company that produced corporate picnics. Wiberg was also a frequent performer on WGN-TV’s Bozo Circus and was part of a group of magicians who entertained at the inauguration dinners of President George W. Bush.
tonyTony Dowell will be opening the stage show with his award-winning dove act. Dowell’s fast-paced act, featuring magic with doves, is normally seen only at national magic conventions. The act won first place for stage magic at the 2013 Midwest Magic Jubilee in St. Louis and first place at the 2011 Houdini Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Tony’s dove act is rarely seen by the general public,” explained Wiberg. “It’s an award-winning act created to entertain and fool magicians and is usually performed only in a competition setting. I’m so glad we had to chance to book Tony. I know he’s going to really impress our audience and start the show with some great magic!”

ardanArdan James started as a ventriloquist but found that neither he nor the dummy were verbally funny…so he taught himself pantomime. While completing his degree in the media arts and a minor in education, he worked in a magic store. It was a few years later that he put together his favorite areas of each of the arts, and with audience participation, developed his award-winning act.

Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada are a few of the countries he’s traveled to, in addition to the 48 contiguous states.  He has been performing professionally for over 15 years now, writing all his own material.

jamalJamahl Keyes will be closing the show. Keyes is known as “The Dancing Motivator of Magic,” and combines magic, comedy, tap dancing and classic Broadway music to create a unique theatrical experience, said Wiberg.
Keyes has been a professional magician for more than 15 years and has performed in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. He has performed as the opening act for Ben Vereen, Reba Mc Entire and Joan Rivers. Jamahl’s Broadway Magic Show has also been featured on national and international television, including appearances on NBC, ABC, TNN, FOX, CNN, and the Family Channel.

“Jamahl will be finishing the evening with his high-energy Broadway Magic Show,” said Wiberg. “He is a real pro and has a great way with audiences. I am very happy with this year’s family-friendly show and I know our audience will be happy too.”

The Magic Masters’ Banquet and Magic Show is on Friday, April 11, 2014, at The Lexington House, 7717 W. 95th Street in Hickory Hills.  Doors open at 6:30.


There are two ways to get tickets:  Buy them from your friendly neighborhood Magic Master member.  Or buy them online by CLICKING HERE.

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Posters for Banquet

Please download and print up the following posters to hang up wherever you’d like.

MM Poster 2014 BnW tabs

MM Poster 2014 BnW

MM Poster 2014 Color

They are all PDFs so you should have no problem.


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Danny Orleans Lecture – April 17, 2014

danny_orleansDanny and Jan Orleans will be lecturing for the Magic Masters of Chicago in Tinley Park on Thursday, April 17 at 7:30.  Admission is $15.00

The lecture will be held upstairs (not in the social hall like usual) at United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Danny Orleans has performed over 4000 shows for over one-million children, parents and teachers at schools, theaters, museums and private events. Normally, that would be qualification enough to be an expert in children’s magic, but Danny Orleans has many more.

  • Graduated Northwestern University’s School of Education
  • Taught preschool through 8th grade in public and private schools,
  • Wrote the column “Pediatrix” for 3 years in Genii Magazine
  • Awarded1st place for his article on children’s magic in The Linking Ring, “Surviving a Lion Safari.”
  • With his wife, Jan Rose, he toured a children’s theater magic show to major theaters, museums and children’s theater festivals throughout North America and the Caribbean islands
  • Consulted for Scholastic Publishing on their “Ultimate Magic Club,” and wrote 11 books teaching the art of performing magic to children. Also wrote Magic Scratchers for Chronicle Publishing.
  • Consulted for the Chicago History Museum’s recent exhibition MAGIC.

His lecture on Children’s Magic is based on his new 3 DVD set, “The Art of Presenting Magic to Children.” He shows clips of real performing situations from the DVD and uses them as a springboard for discussion. He asks the magicians to determine how they would handle specific challenges that children present to kids’ magicians.

1. What do you do if a child in your audience suddenly stands up?

2. What do you do if child can’t follow your verbal instruction on how to hold a prop?

3. How do you teach children not to shout out without  scolding or yelling at them?

Danny explains “Behaviorism” and the verbal tricks he uses to modify youngsters’ behavior. You will learn:

  • 3 ways to get an audience quiet without asking them to be quiet.
  • Verbal tricks to get kids to be a good audience without demands, scolding or a whip.
  • How to use techniques of positive reinforcement as an audience management strategy.
  • How to unify your audience.
  • His pre-show silent warmup.
  • A master trick to get onstage helpers to stay put on stage
  • A technique to get two laughs from an audience from one gag.
  • Danny’s Colossal Coloring Book Routine, big enough to play for an audience of 2000.
  • Danny’s five goals that he tries to achieve for every show.
  • And a whole lot more.

If magicians in your magic community do shows for children, this is a lecture that will help them be better performers. Through the use of audience management strategies, they can easily improve the impact on their audiences when they perform magic for children and their families.

Once again, the lecture is at 7:30 on April 17 at United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Admission is $15.00.  Come on out for a great evening!

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Banquet Tickets Now On Sale!

Tickets for the Annual Magic Masters’ Banquet and Show are now on sale.

The Banquet is on April 11, 2014, with the doors opening at 6:30.

There are two ways to get tickets:  Buy them from your friendly neighborhood Magic Master member.  Or buy them online by CLICKING HERE.

Audience members will be treated to a full evening of magic including close up table-side magic, an intimate parlor magic show performed before dinner, and a professional stage show after dinner. Tickets are only $30 each which includes a full dinner served family style. The event begins at 6:30pm with dinner served at 7:30pm.

The Lexington House is located at 7717 W. 95th Street in Hickory Hills. Parking is free and there will be a cash bar.

Click below to see what’s in store for this year!



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Next Meeting: Thursday January 16, 2014

Member participation gives everyone a chance to demonstrate their skills. Perhaps you have a trick you’ve been working on or something that you’ve had stashed in the drawer. Regardless, at the January meeting everyone will invited to perform. Members will sit around the tables and when your turn comes up, you either do a trick or contribute a buck to the kitty.
We’ve done this in the past and you’ll be amazed at how much fun this can be. Jim Wisek and Tim Cate will coordinate the program.
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Magic Masters Annual Holiday Party

Winter_Party_10_LogoBill Lange and Terry Smith are arranging a special Holiday Party for the December 19th meeting.  All members and a guest are cordially invited.

The evening will begin at 6:31 PM with a social hour.  We have many new members so let’s make them welcome.

There will be appetizers, food, and soft drinks.  Bring a dessert for all to enjoy.  Casey Balt will take the annual group picture.

One of the joys of the season is the sharing of gifts. We’ll have a grab bag exchange of gifts in the $15-$20 range at 8:01 PM.  The gift should be something that you’d like to receive yourself; no junk.  Mark the gift M for Male, F for Female or MF for either.

The evening will conclude with a show put on by several of the members.  This is your chance to show off your latest miracles.  You don’t have to do a complete act, just a trick or two will do.  Contact Bill Lange and let him know that you’re willing to be on the show.

Bill has been contacting members but if he didn’t contact you, please RSVP to Mr. Mystic at 630-545-9098 x 2373 or 708-301-4455 or by Email-bill.lange@nowfoods.com

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Tom Dobrowolski Lecture – November 21, 2013

tom_dob_posterTom Dobrowolski will be lecturing for the Magic Masters of Chicago in Tinley Park on Thursday, November 21 at 7:30.  Admission is $5.00

As always, the lecture will be held in the social hall of United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Tom Dobrowolski has been studying and performing magic for over 40 years. His many years of experience include performances as diverse as cruise ships and Hawaiian resorts, birthday parties and illusion shows walk around close up and TV appearances.

Tom is also fortunate to have become friends with magicians worldwide which lead to his latest lecture.

“Tom and His Merry Men” is a lecture of some terrific material from some great friends.

From the Lecture Notes,

BBQ Ribs Three Coins Across by Jeremiah Zuo: Here is one of my favorite coin routines that my friend Jeremiah can often be found performing. It is a simple handling of the 3 Fly/Visible Coins across which maximizes each magical moment by reducing the number of coins in the hands during each phase.

The Contest: Poker Players Picnic REDUX by Ed Oschmann/Tom Dobrowolski: This handling of the classic lazy man’s ace trick makes the routine actually fun! You will use this….a LOT!

Poor Old Uncle Joe by Jack Carpenter: The ever generous and industrious Jack Carpenter has graciously allowed me to share this simple and fun laymen pleaser.

Streamlined Prediction by John Carey: My good friend John Carey so generously allowed me to share this prediction effect which I ABSOLUTELY love performing.

Blackjack for Brother John by David Kuraya: Richard Kaufmans described the Pinochle Trick this way in The Secrets of Brother John Hamman: …four cards, lots of changes, and four completely different cards show up at the end. (p.97) If you like the sound of that, then first of all, get that book! And secondly, you will LOVE this routine.

Right Down the Street by Tom Dobrowolski: This is my handling of the Out of This World plot inspired by the genius Dani DaOrtiz…it’s your life….

Hana Ho Card by Curtis Kam: “Hana Ho” means “Do it Again!” in Hawaiian. And Hawaii magician Curtis Kam uses this simplified moving hole effect to answer that call, it’s a quick encore to any effect using a signed card that transforms that card into something just a little more special for the lucky person who gets to keep it.

Those who attend the lecture can look forward to some extra surprises including new routines and ideas from Jack Carpenter, Ross Johnson, and Liam Montier and performances of “OiATER” and “In The Hands Wild Card

The talent and generosity of these and my other friends who contributed to this lecture is simply amazing. It makes for a great lecture!

“Your notes are inspirational” – Ross Johnson

Once again, the lecture is at 7:30 on Thursday November 21 and will be held in the social hall of United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Admission is $5.00.  Come on out for a great evening!

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Marc Salem Lecture – February 20, 2014

marc-salem-mind-over-manhattanMarc Salem will be lecturing for the Magic Masters of Chicago in Tinley Park on Thursday, February 20 at 7:30.  Admission is $15.00

As always, the lecture will be held in the social hall of United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Marc Salem is the only mentalist to have had a run on Broadway, London’s west end, and the Sidney opera house.  He has won both the Dunninger award and The S.A.M. Milbourne Christopher Award for mentalism.

He is a professor by profession, and in his soul.  Put that together and you have a lecture like no other. He is the Veteran of a thousand theatre radio and TV appearances.  And a horrible dancer.

The inventor of hundreds of effects, few ever sold or in print, his philosophy of the magic and mentalist art forms are unique and singular.  Marc will reveal, share, and teach these exclusive effects and techniques:

  • Swami techniques for the clumsy and sharp
  • Predict the weather thought of from the weather map page of the USA today (a colorful prop available everywhere)
  • The machine PRINTED receipt from a cash register for an item that is chosen and priced by audience. (You do not carry a machine!)
  • The easiest, but most confounding Bank Night ever. NO GIMMICKs
  • A left brain /right brain stage or close-up effect that may become second to Out Of This Word!
  • The Real Secret of Humor
  • Some very bad puns and a surprise or two

It is rare that Marc lectures or shares techniques and interviews with the profession en masse.  Why now?  Marc Salem is ready to teach.  His lecture will also cover ethics in the field and his trust of you in the handling much of his material.  What is most important for a mentalist to know?  A magician?  And the differences.  In an environment of inflated egos, how do you keep yours in check?

marc_salem“Marc Salem is the Godfather of Mentalism. He is the first performer of our generation to develop a globally successful live show. So if he is going to share some information on creativity, presentations, structure or experience, you better make sure you pay attention. I know I have, and would again. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, learn from Marc Salem.” - Colin Mcleod

“One of the best…Ever” - Bob Cassidy

“Marc Salem is one of the best mentalists around the world. When Marc is lecturing, I listen. I listen very carefully. It’s not just the amazing effects he shares. It’s the deep understanding of Mentalism and showmanship. He changed the lives of some attendees from the last lecture I saw. I wish I heard him 25 years ago.” - Lior Manor


And the Press says:

“Hide your thoughts! Marc Salem is in town!” -New York Times

“A SUREFIRE ‘you-gottasee-this-show’ SHOW.” – Variety

“Catch his fabulous show. MIND GAMES is brilliantly entertaining.” – Clive Barnes, New York Post

“Astonishing…The most dazzling show in town” – London Telegraph


Once again, the lecture is at 7:30 on February 20 and will be held in the social hall of United Methodist Church located at 6875 W. 173rd Pl. in Tinley Park, IL.

Admission is $15.00.  Come on out for a great evening!

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